The 13 Project Because Kindness Saves

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Serena at Pretty Fluffy began this initiative to provide 13 acts of kindness towards animals in the 13 weeks remaining in 2013.

The 13 Project by Pretty Fluffy

Now, before thinking that you don’t have the resources, influence, creativity, or time, consider your desire to make a difference.  And don’t quench it.  Make good on your intentions instead of letting them slip away.  If it seems overwhelming to start at the top of the initiative, then start at the bottom by, for example, spreading the word about helping animals in need.

As owners of 4 rescue animals, we have experienced such joy and love in raising our cats and dog.  It’s a sad and horrifying statistic that 3.7 million cats and dogs are put down in U.S. shelters annually, making shelter euthanasia the leading cause of death for these animals.  Providing a home, through fostering or adoption, saves an animal’s life.  You may be wondering does sparing one of out 3.7 million really make a difference?  It makes a difference to the one that was saved.  And if we all thought about making one difference in the life of an animal, imagine how possible it could be to shrink such an impossible and tragic statistic.

We salute you, Serena, and thank you for inspiring to think small and act big.

Here is our rundown of 13 before 2013.

1.  Run a Facebook giveaway where fans can nominate their favorite animal rescue group.  A winner will receive a 20 Paul Frank Nylon Collars for their group.

2.  Donate Paul Frank Mika pet charms for any cat that is adopted through Cats in Need.

3.  Contribute articles about dog’s health, safety, and well being on sites such as wikiHow and Squidoo.

4.  Support the mission of Center for Biological Diversity by donating a portion of sales made through, a cause-shopping platform.

5.  Donate to the ASPCA to aid animal victims affected by Hurricane Sandy

6.  Post an article on why mutts (the most commonly adopted dogs) are healthier and better to own than a pure breed.

7.  Feature an adoptable dog from local shelters monthly on our Facebook or website. (ongoing)

8.  Spread the word about Pawsh magazine, a beautifully crafted and coffee-table worthy publication.

9.  Write an article about how to walk a dog on a retractable leash.

10. Donate products for Winter Woofstock’s dog festival.

11.  Help a lost dog reunite with his owner by getting the dog checked for a microchip implant and putting up posters in the neighborhood where he was found.

12.  Volunteer at Petsmart’s Pets in Need program on Saturdays to play with cats and clean their litter boxes.

13.  Provide literature on the benefits of walking a dog at the grand opening of Diamond Bar’s Bark Park.



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